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Been working on colour theory and palettes recently. One of the problems has been that at some times (midday, mainly) the colours are rather bland. I’ve been spicing up dawn and dusk already, and now turning to morning/afternoon. I’m also trying to coordinate all the colours with eachother in a more coherent way, with lots of colour-theoretical help from friends. This game is quite a nice warm-up for this sort of work.

(Just noticed on the 3rd pic - tree bases looking weird are an artefact of the “reload colours” debug feature)

News and stuff

Welcome to the regular Proteus news ‘n’ updates post! Ahh, who am I kidding… maybe someday soon I’ll have a regular update habit. Anyway!

  • We’re nominated for the IGF Nuovo prize. Hooray! If you’re in SF for GDC, see you there!
  • In case I didn’t already post it here, the plan is to have a new website at and a paid preorder open for GDC. It’ll be Windows-only at first, until I get time to look at Linux and OSX.
  • I went to Bit Of Alright in London on Friday, masterminded by David Hayward. Ricky Haggett asked me a ton of penetrating questions about Proteus whilst Michael Brough played the game on a projector in the background, and got a spontaneous round of applause for capturing the moment when an owl flew across the moon. I kinda wish someone had recorded it so I could remember what I said and what people asked.
  • Also at BoA, I put Proteus on a big projector and didn’t talk about it at all. Felt very weird at the time, but seemed to go down really well. I guess at the end of a day of talks and sessions it’s nice to not have someone (me) droning on at you. This writeup has nice words to say.
  • Three other amazing things happened, but I can’t say what they are yet.

Oh yes: Teabags!


Proteus won 4 Golden Teabags at the #indievisiblity awards party last night!

This was weirdly overwhelming! I’d been tipped off about one of them (the “Best Placeholder” nomination) but otherwise they were a big suprise. Really touching, especially Notch’s nice message about Proteus - “using small tools to convey big messages that might not even be there”.

I loved the absurdist golden spray-painted teabags and One Life Left’s twitter-prank of stitching up Dan Marshall as drunkenly punching one of the winners (me, as it turned out). More award “ceremonies” should be this way.

Huge thanks to Dan and Sheridans for organising and sponsoring such a great evening, and the One Life Left team for exuberant hosting duties.

Also big love to Alex May for the bed for the night and the 2am omelette feast, and Micheal Brough for being a magical wizard and bringing his iPad and dev build of Glitch Tank.

Amazing to meet up with all the London bunch, old friends and new. Best ever Christmas “office party”! I think I’ve shaken off the hangover now.

(ah, oh yeah: listen out for the next episode of 99coins. They’re doing a report on the awards and I’ll hopefully be on it talking about… whatever it was I was talking about. If I’m struggling to suppress a giggle it’s because Charlie was performing a lewd dance in the background)


I forgot about tumblr for a while… need to get back into the habit! For now, here’s a quick “we’re not dead” post:

Currently we’re working on a content milestone (in a very loose sense) for the 20th: New animals, new “portal” effects and musical score and various refinements and improvements to how things are communicated. After that, we’ve a new block of content to add into Autumn; currently the emptiest season, except the deliberately empty one….

All this is going a bit slowly because I’m only working on this in my spare time, but I hope we’ll be able to release early next year. COMING Q1 2012, one might even say.

More realistically: It’ll be done when it’s done, but we have a pretty clear idea of the content of the release, so it’s not going to creep in scope too much.

Here are some links about stuff that’s happened over the past few months:

  • We won the Audio award at Indiecade! (And also had an amazing Yosemite-Death Valley roadtrip organised by Doug “J.S. Joust” Wilson)
  • I spoke to Lewie Procter at about Proteus after showing it GameCity in Nottingham (also mentioned in the Guardian piece here)
  • Robert Yang and I had a very enjoyable rambling discussion about games and exploration for his “Level With Me” series on RPS
  • Electron Dance posted a lovely write-up of a Proteus preview build. The video is one of the nicest bits of Proteus feedback I’ve had. “Very very day” is now a stock phrase in our house. It’s also slightly shaped the direction of the game. I hope Joel’s son likes the effect!
  • We submitted Proteus to IGF. Fingers crossed!

What else…

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