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So this thing happened:


You can read the full list of finalists here, and read a PC-centric write up from RPS here (the very kind words about Proteus at the end made me well up a bit whilst on the train back from London)

It’s amazing to be part of this. I’m really looking forward to meeting lots of great people that I only know online and catching up with friends who also got shortlisted.

Some picks of finalists that I’m especially excited about for various reasons:

At A Distance - I played a very early development build of Terry’s game, but so far not in the way it was intended: Two indirectly connected players, exploring and shaping the world. The graphics bring back fond memories of 3D Construction Kit on the Spectrum.

Ordnungswissenschaft - Because this.

FEZ - Indie dev legend. Almost finished apparently!

Geobook - Really fascinating concept of an interactive textbook. Reminds me of reading through this textbook to get into a good mindset for world generation.

Pewpewpewpewpew - microphone-controlled co-op shooter. Bound to be hilarious to watch

Hohokum - Made by some good friends. I played briefly at IGF and I’m looking forward to see Ricky madly coding up new features on the exhibition-floor again.

J.S. Joust - Another game-meets-public-performance, I played this at the Wild Rumpus event in London last week. Supposedly we’re going to be playing a tournament on top of Clouds Rest in Yosemite on a camping trip before heading down to Indiecade. Not quite sure why I signed up for that now.

But there are too many to mention!

Oh, ok, one more: Skulls of the Shogun looks like a fun slant on the turn-based tactics genre, and amazingly polished.

We’re going to L.A.!!!


Workin’ on some fancy effects after getting annoyed trying to debug a graphics bug. I think that’s probably just a recipe for more graphics bugs…

(This isn’t a final pic… not sure it looks right with all those shades)

An ancient ancestor of Proteus?

I think this came up in conversation on twitter a few weeks ago.

About 19 years ago, issue 33 of Amiga Format landed next to my A500+. One of the coverdisks looked like this:


It was a fractal landscape generator. Even back then, the images had a weird grainy charm to them and I spent many days setting up renders and waiting for the results. At the highest detail it took about 45 minutes to render an image, leading to some tense moments turning the TV back on to see if it had got to the final stage of rendering where the image started to become visible. If you were unlucky a piece of terrain that hadn’t appeared in the lower-resolution previews would have popped up in front of the camera and ruin the view!

If you take a look at the “Pages” links on the right hand side of this page you can flick through the tutorial that came in the magazine, including some lovely example shots of a virtual Yosemite valley.

When I have time, I might try and set up WinUAE and render some Vistas for old times sake and post them up, no doubt with more nostalgic blubbing :)

Edit: Fixed the link above, and here’s an image cropped from the magazine scan:


YouTube video roundup (??)

Searching for my old Proteus videos, I discovered a lot of “let’s play” type clips. I was quite blown away!

Here they are!

Part 1, Part 2 - These two are probably my favorite raw footage

Exploring Proteus - Another wandering-around clip

This one has some good portal action (and I just spotted a horrible cloud/rain bug that has since been fixed. The player was kind enough not to dwell on it :))

"Day of Proteus" This one has a whole live-action intro, making good use of audio files for the soundtrack! (The creator sent me a link to this one a while ago, so it’s the only one that wasn’t a suprise)

And finally: The One With The Voiceover Sorry about the long loading time and the lack of monsters!

That these are all from the February build, so the portals work a bit differently amongst other things.

Watch this space for a new “official” video.

Release plan: “Proteus EP”

We’re thinking of releasing the Indiecade version plus fixes, tweaks and a few extra bits and calling it the “EP.” It’ll probably sell for about $5. There’ll be a free cut-down demo.

Depending on interest and energy levels, we’ll make an “LP” version later with more content which will either be free or discounted for “EP” owners.

Lastly, we’ve got a plan to make a nice “physical” edition. This will consist of an audio CD and a somewhat-special edition of the game. This will probably be the core game plus an extra mode, and maybe some snapshots of old versions of the game and some strange little side-branches that got chopped off but might but interesting.

There should be an exciting new trailer sometime soon :)

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